Remote Collaboration with Mattermost Messaging Platform at Jelastic PaaS

The situation with COVID-19 and global quarantine pushed many businesses to remote interaction among team members, as well as with partners and clients. Such a drastic change without thorough preparation can negatively impact business performance, which is especially true for companies with a lot of employees and departments.

Herewith, specialized tools like Mattermost can significantly improve remote cooperation and hasten the process of establishing a familiar workflow. It is an open-source collaboration service and messaging platform that is simple in deployment, integration, and usage. Herewith, despite its quick installation (several minutes) and simple intuitive design, it offers enterprise-grade security, availability, and scalability. Also, this platform powers collaboration at every stage of the DevOps lifecycle due to numerous third-party integrations, which help teams work faster and more effectively.

Mattermost was pre-packaged as a solution for automatic installation by one of our hosting partners Hidora and generously shared with all Cloud Union. So currently we made this application available across all platforms via Jelastic Marketplace. Also, worth mentioning that Hidora offers two months of free Mattermost hosting.

Let’s see how simple it is to get your own Mattermost collaboration server hosted on top of Jelastic PaaS.

Mattermost Automatic Deployment

The installation is fully automated. You just need to select the Mattermost Chat Service package via the Jelastic Marketplace for the platform to perform all the necessary deployment steps for you.

1. Log in to your dashboard and open the Marketplace panel at the top.

2. Find the Mattermost Chat Service package in the Dev & Admin Tools section or via the Search field and click the Install button.

3. Within the opened frame, you can configure the basic parameters of a new environment (name, alias, region) or leave the default values. Click Install to proceed.

4. The platform will automatically perform all the required actions to create the environment and deploy Mattermost in a few minutes.

In the post-installation window, you’ll see the link to your Mattermost application and a list of additional documentation for further management of your online chat system.

5. The environment itself consists of the Mattermost Docker image as an application server and PostgreSQL database node.

Click the Open in Browser button in the dialog or next to your environment on the dashboard.

6. Now, you can start using Mattermost and benefit from open-source team collaboration in the cloud. First of all, create an administrator account.

7. Next, you need to create a team and configure/customize Mattermost up to your specific needs via the System Console:

7.1. System Console — manage license (e.g. start a trial of the enterprise edition), configure email notifications, localizations, etc.

7.2. Create a team — provide a team name and a short URL

You can learn more about configuring Mattermost via the official documentation.

8. That’s all! You can start using your private and secure Mattermost collaboration service.

Now, you need to invite your colleagues to start collaborating on your project. Feel free to create separate channels for each department or specific task so that multiple conversations can partake simultaneously and for involved people only. Also, do not hesitate to try various integrations to enhance your work.

Make transition to the remote workflow more smoothly with Mattermost messaging platform automatically installed and hosted at Jelastic PaaS service providers.



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