Jelastic PaaS is Acquired by Virtuozzo: What to Expect

After Decade-Long Partnership, Jelastic Acquisition Strengthens Virtuozzo’s Position as a First Full-Stack Cloud Management Solution for Service Providers

Established History of Relations

Jelastic and Virtuozzo have a long-established history of relations. Virtuozzo containers were used inside Jelastic PaaS for virtualization from the very beginning of the platform development. ​

Service Providers Want Simplicity, Automation and Choice

Service providers demand simplification and automation in container and cloud management. Jelastic has been providing a proven production-ready platform to cover these needs for years. The acquisition enables tighter integration and seamless enhancements.

  • be able to retain existing customers, reduce the churn and prevent users’ migration to more sophisticated solutions compared to the home-made infrastructure orchestration systems​
  • simplify own DevOps processes reducing the required amount of human efforts and increase ROI while running cloud business with intuitive and flexible cloud management platform​

Platform-as-a-Service Market Shows Strong Growth

In 2022, the platform as a service (PaaS) market is estimated to be worth approximately 71 billion U.S. dollars based on Gartner research. Application infrastructure services (PaaS) is anticipated to grow by a high margin at around 27%. ​

Business as Usual

Business continues as usual, with Jelastic now operating as a division of Virtuozzo — underscoring the equity in Jelastic’s brand and technologies. Jelastic CEO, Ruslan Synytsky, has been appointed to Chief Technology Officer of Virtuozzo.

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