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  • Josh Kelly

    Josh Kelly

    Father of 6, playing guitar, helping build clouds with Intel. Sharing interesting things I find that may help us in educating our children.

  • Wichukorn Dandecha

    Wichukorn Dandecha

  • Ofer Karp

    Ofer Karp

    Building software that people use and love. Father. Runner. EVP Engineering at WalkMe

  • Nasim pdb

    Nasim pdb

    Professional web and Wordpress Expert

  • Rodrigo Vazquez Ferreira

    Rodrigo Vazquez Ferreira

    Software Strategist, Solutions Architect , software craftsman , father , husband. | Technical Principal @ Thoughtworks

  • Esa Pylkkanen

    Esa Pylkkanen

  • Veesan


    I am an affiliate marketer - All product ads received from the same online.

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