Automatic WildFly Clustering in Managed Domain Mode and Scaling inside Containers

When, What and Why Managed Domain Mode?

  • Multi-server production environments with the ability to use centralized management capabilities that a managed domain provides.
  • For advanced development scenarios, i.e. those involving interaction between multiple WildFly instances.

Complexity of Managed Domain Topology

  • Worker Server is a JVM process where the enterprise Jakarta EE applications are deployed and handle requests.
  • Host Controller is a JVM process that is responsible for configuring Worker Servers, and synchronization between the Servers and Domain Controller.
  • Process Controller is a JVM process that is responsible for a lifecycle (start/stop/restart) of Worker Servers. It is absent in the original scheme but it is important to take into account while decomposition.
  • Domain Controller is a type of Host Controller that is designated to act as master admin server (or orchestrator) at the cluster running in managed domain mode and provides a single pane for managing distributed Worker Servers.

Running Multiple Processes in an Application Container

Running Multiple Processes in a System Container

Decomposition and Building Modified Topology

WildFly Managed Domain in Jelastic

Create Standalone WildFly

  • Choose a proper version of WildFly
  • Set up vertical scaling limits
  • Change the name of environment if needed (e.g. wildfly)

Get Clustered WildFly with Managed Domain Mode

  • Manually
  • Automatically
  • during the initial transformation from standalone to domain mode, your application will be down for about 1 minute
  • all the further scaling changes happen with no downtime
  • if you enable Auto-Clustering and start from 2 instances at once, the domain mode will be created from the beginning, so no downtime will happen during the scaling
  • Server:worker
  • Process Controller
  • Host Controller
  • Process Controller
  • Host Controller

Application Availability among Workers

Cloning Cluster in Domain Mode




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